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React Native IDE is currently in Beta. Using the Beta version doesn't require purchasing any license and it's free for everyone. We expect the Beta period to end in October 2024 after which we will require an Individual or Team license to use the tool. However, if you'd like to support the development and having more input into the development process (request specific features or prioritize fixes for specific issues), below we offer a Supporter's license:

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    $10 USD

    per person/month excl. VAT

    What's included:

    • All the features of React Native IDE
    • Access to private Discord channel for feature requests and support
    • 50% discount on future Individual or Team license*
    • Support the development of IDE

    Supporter license deal ends with Beta.

  • *The discount for Individual or Team license is valid for the same duration as your Supporter's license. For every month your Supporter's license is active, you receive the 50% discount on the Individual or Team license.

    Disclaimer: The following pricing plans will be introduced after the Beta period ends. They are for informational purposes and may change in the future.

    If you want to help the development of React Native IDE, affect the prioritization of features and get better support, you can buy our Supporter's License.


    We are React Native Core Contributors and maintainers of open-source libraries like React Native Reanimated, React Native Gesture Handler, and React Native Screens. You most probably already use them in your applications. The maintenance of the packages takes a lot of development time which isn't free. That's why we've decided to distribute React Native IDE under a paid license.

    All the money coming from sales of the IDE will be used to fund React Native Open Source efforts at Software Mansion.


    Here are the answers to your most frequent questions about the React Native IDE.
    React Native IDE is a Visual Studio Code extension that aims to simplify the development of React Native applications.
    Right now, React Native IDE only supports macOS.
    The React Native IDE is free to use during the Beta period. We're working on a sustainable licensing model for the project.

    100% of the money earned will be used to fund the React Native open source efforts at Software Mansion and the further developments of the React Native IDE.

    Yes! React Native IDE is free for students learning at accredited educational institutions. Only for non-commercial purposes.
    We're aiming to close the beta in October 2024.
    We are well aware there are an infinite number of ways of setting up your React Native project. With access to the code you can adjust the React Native IDE to make it run with your codebase.
    It's okay to modify the code to run in your project and to fix bugs. However, do not distribute the project on your own in any way or form besides our official channels.

    This license will evolve as we move beyond the Beta period. You can read the full license here.
    At this moment WebStorm is not supported.

    As the adoption for the extension grows we might add a support for WebStorm in the future.
    For every month your Supporter's license is active, you receive a 50% discount on the Individual or Team license. For example, if you have been a Supporter for 2 months, you will receive a 50% discount on an Individual or Team license for 2 months.
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, click the "cancel your subscription" link in the email you received after purchase or visit to manage your subscription. If you have problems canceling your subscription, please contact us at